As this month comes to a close, our authentic and inclusive culture remains an ongoing priority through our commitment to learning, respecting, and listening to one another. Pride is celebrated in a multitude of ways – each with the intent of supporting love in every form. The following letter was written by a proud Arrowstreet employee to her amazing son. To anyone reading this, may it spark some joy, find you well, and find you loved.


You felt like you had to live in your peer’s version of reality, and I can only imagine how hard that was for you.

As you got older, there was more and more pressure to change. You made some adjustments and hid parts of yourself from the world.

When you found the courage to come out and start your first relationship for the world to see, not hiding anything you showed me a world where love is not limited by gender. You healed a piece of my heart when you openly embraced who you are.

You went through loneliness and depression, but you managed to keep the core of yourself intact. Your beautiful spirit was, and is, courageous and strong.

There’s freedom to love and to build families in many ways. There’s no one way a romantic relationship, or marriage is supposed to look. Certainly, there’s no one way a family is supposed to look.

I know life hasn’t always been easy or kind, it’s has been rougher than most could imagine but you need to know how proud of you I am. I love you more than anything in the world. I wear having a gay son like a badge of honor! You were born in June for a reason baby; Happy Pride son, I love you 🌈”

Topics: PRIDE Month, Inclusivity, Authenticity