Privacy Policy

Arrowstreet is committed to providing a seamless and accessible experience for the users of our digital products. We are committed to respecting your privacy and promise to act in good faith to ensure that users feel confident and comfortable using our products. In delivering digital services to our users, we do require access to and storage of certain information as outlined in the policies below. If you have any questions please send an email to

The Information That We Collect

In order to provide users with the appropriate functionally as required by the Cumulus application, Arrowstreet will collect and store the following information:

  • Email address–used for account access, login, and project permissions.
  • First Name and Last Name–Used to allow project team members to identify one another and manage access to the projects that are hosted on the Cumulus application
  • Organization–Used to identify the affiliations of the Cumulus users.
  • Passwords are used to allow personal account access for each individual users. Passwords provide security so that unwanted users cannot view or modify Cumulus associated data stored on a user’s device. Passwords are encrypted and are not visible and accessible to anyone other than the account holder. Passwords are managed by a third party service, Google Firebase, as outlined in Third Party Integration section below.
  • Documents – Users have the option to upload pdfs and jpgs to the Cumulus App. These documents are visible to other users with the appropriate permissions. The intention of uploading these documents is to help facilitate the design process and communication between the project team members. Through the act of uploading Documents to Cumulus, users are certifying that the information has been approved for distribution to other users.

Data Retention

Users’ account information (Name, Organization, Email, and Encrypted Password) are stored by Cumulus in two (2) ways.

  1. Account information is stored in a third party platform, Google Firebase, for purposes of managing account access and app functionality. Passwords are encrypted and are not visible and accessible to anyone other than the account holder. See the Third Party Integrations section below for more information about the Google Firebase usage.
  2. Account information is stored locally on the individual user’s device. This information is stored for the purposes of easy account access. Once, logged in to Cumulus, the stored data allows the user to access the application and it’s functionalities without having to log in during later sessions.

Third Party Integrations

As stated in previous sections of this policy, the Cumulus application requires the use of a third party to manage user accounts and project information. For more information about the usage of this third party, please refer to the Google Firebase documentation found here:

  1. Google Firebase Terms of Service:
  2. Google Firebase Privacy Policy:


Arrowstreet is committed to keeping any and all personal information confidential.

Arrowstreet does not collect personally identifiable data (PID) i.e. names, emails, phone numbers or any other information that could be used to identify a person.

Arrowstreet uses a third-party application, Estimote, Inc. to help provide analytics. An excerpt of which is found below. To learn more visit the Estimote, Inc. Privacy Policy and refer to Section 3.

  • Data Collected. App will collect information from an end user’s device any time the end user’s app comes within range of an Estimote beacon (a small device that uses Bluetooth technology to identify Estimote).

If you are not in agreement with our terms and conditions or those of third parties, then you should refrain from further use of this application as all users of this application have the option to opt-out at any time.

If you have any questions regarding this policy feel free to contact us at