At 10 Post Office Square, we worked to transform a long, narrow traditional office configuration into an open, modern, studio space for our toughest client—ourselves. In the time since the space has been occupied, it has served as a model for what can be accomplished when old methods of office layout and culture are reimagined. The new design is tailored to the way the firm works; the majority of the floor plate was opened up, keeping walls and enclosed spaces to a minimum. There are no personal offices: private conversations and meetings happen in a variety of open, semi-open, and closed-off areas of varying sizes. Project teams are grouped at large table style desks, which foster interaction and quicker communication and decision making.  Further re-thinking the traditional office prototype, the kitchen has been placed at the center, creating a social node that unites the office and enables informal interaction between employees, consultants, and clients alike. The Arrowstreet Studio was awarded LEED Gold certification by the USGBC.

Project Details


Boston, MA


Arrowstreet Inc.


office interiors



Photos by Ed Wonsek ArtWorks Inc.

Architectural Plans / Process