Visualizations reveal the potential of this iconic yet underused site

Arrowstreet worked with Madison International to reimagine the Atlantic Terminal/Center shopping centers in Downtown Brooklyn right across the street from the Barclay Center. The circa 1980’s centers were built before the Barclay Center, and even before, Brooklyn became BROOKLYN. The client’s vision for the site is to establish a new identity, connecting it to the neighborhood and unlocking the potential of this extraordinary yet underused location.

To support this vision, Arrowstreet designed a series of renderings including an aerial video soaring from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Terminal/Center. The video incorporates existing conditions and future new developments in Downtown as a backdrop to the Terminal/Center’s proposed new entries and integrated digital display and projection mapping facades. The visualizations allow the client to present the project’s redesign to both the community and potential tenants.

Project Details


Brooklyn, NY


Madison International Realty


Architectural Plans / Process