Arrowstreet has worked with Brooklyn Boulders for the last 5 years across the country to continuously update and improve the experience for their gym members. As the newest addition to the Brooklyn Boulders ecosystem, BKBX offers a first-of-its-kind scientific and purpose-oriented approach to adventure training.

Arrowstreet’s design for this new boutique-style fitness center reinforces Brooklyn Boulders’ core pillars to Train, Connect, Recover, and Adventure. For members who always have their eye on the next big adventure, the BKBX gym is designed to motivate, build community, and inspire them to plan their next outdoor excursion.

Brooklyn Boulders chose the location for this new training center with its clientele’s lifestyle in mind. With a growing desire for all-inclusive living, BKBX is on the ground-floor of a new residential building, next door to a supermarket, and close to Harvard University. Brooklyn Boulders’ iconic bouldering walls have been strategically designed to accommodate the 1-story, 8,300 square-foot space and are capped at 14 feet high, with the remainder of the space focused on fitness and cardio to augment climbing regimens and achieve maximum strength.

Technology and lighting are an integral part of the newest Brooklyn Boulders. The entire facility is wired with real-time tracking so members can visualize their progress and customize their workouts. Modern, high-quality finishes create a sleek and futuristic feel. Theater-style lighting illuminates the fitness areas, and projections of climbing/adventure videos on the wall further inspire members to start planning their next alpine adventure.

A major new addition to Brooklyn Boulders’ offerings, the Adventure Training Studio encourages members to explore their human potential and connect to what’s possible. The Studio provides group fitness classes, TRX workouts, and the “Monkey Space,” a room dedicated to building up strength with different holds and monkey bars targeted for wall climbing practice and strengthening. Another new and unique amenity within a specialty fitness center, the Recovery Studio is designed to extend the wellness continuum for the Brooklyn Boulders’ brand. Arrowstreet designed this space to provide a digitally advanced spa-style experience, featuring 3D Digital Assessment, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression sleeves, recovery devices, and muscle therapy devices.

Finally, listening to their members who have asked Brooklyn Boulders to encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote community among its members, this new gym includes for the first time an “Adventure Bar” where members can sign up for seminars, plan their next adventure-based vacation, and even check out heart rate monitors to track their training vitals.

Architectural Plans / Process