Brown Square is a small, public green space in downtown Newburyport that was established by and named after Moses Brown. Brown was a wealthy New England merchant who lived in a house adjacent to the square. The square centers around a memorial statue of William Lloyd Garrison, another prominent Newburyport resident who founded the abolitionist paper, The Liberator.

As part of the recent renovation of Brown Square, the City of Newburyport chose to include a series of four interpretive panels focusing on the lives and history of Brown and Garrison. Utilizing photographs and content developed by the City, Arrowstreet designed and developed the artwork for the graphic panels. Individual color palettes, representing each historical figure, combine with elegant typography to create these interesting and informative biographies.

Project Details


Newburyport, MA


City of Newburyport



Photos by Ed Wonsek ArtWorks Inc.

Architectural Plans / Process