The new 65,000 square foot headquarters for a Cambridge-based genome-editing company stimulates interaction with a  state-of-the-art dry lab adjacent to an open office, creating  a collaborative life sciences workplace environment. The client’s connection to nature and science is a key component of their mission statement; a vision clearly reflected in the interior architecture, planning, and design of their new space.

The branded reception area welcomes guests into their world, while open work benching is linked with huddle rooms, meeting spaces, and phone rooms that support and foster the culture of modern workplace design. Innovative areas, including cafes and open collaboration spaces, are bold and playful, offering employees a variety of working environments throughout the day. By bridging the gap between lab and office with spaces like these, a sense of community is fostered alongside cutting edge technology.

Creative use of lighting, textures, and furniture accurately reflect this inspiring and unique client. Accents of reclaimed wood are contrasted with bold colors, graphics, and artwork; a splash of orange is used in collaborative spaces and transitional points to bring vibrancy, aid in wayfinding, and to add unexpected whimsy to the space.

Project Details




65,000 SF



Photos by Ed Wonsek