Arrowstreet’s Architecture and Interior Design teams worked together to create an inviting collaborative space for the MATCH Charter High School in Boston. The third floor had previously been dormitories for their in-house tutoring program.  Faced with limited space in their current two levels, MATCH found alternate housing options for their tutors, and approached Arrowstreet to assist with the expansion of their current education space.

A large component of MATCH’s success is a dedicated group of teachers and tutors and a rigorous tutoring program.  We were tasked with creating flexible spaces that could accommodate different sized groups for tutoring sessions as well as larger break out study groups. From the very beginning stages, we were told to imagine the new space as a collegiate setting with high quality design to prepare the high school students for their next academic steps.

With those parameters in mind, we started with a large central open space that allows for flexible arrangements of furniture to take the space from lecture style to small study groups. The adjacent conference rooms allow for smaller, more interactive breakout group discussions for students and staff, and five classrooms accommodate smaller specialized classes. The large open staff workroom and kitchenette offer separate dedicated space for the teachers and tutors for class preparation and collaboration. The final result is an additional 10,000 sf that supports the charter’s 300 student high school population.

Project Details


Boston, MA


MATCH School Foundation Inc


10,000 SF addition



Photos by Ed Wonsek

Architectural Plans / Process