Arrowstreet was responsible for developing and implementing three different iterations of a lifestyle brand to appeal to a broad range of prospective residents at this dynamic new multifamily project just outside of Washington, DC.

Model Room Style One: The Quintessential Hostess
This model unit reflects the fun, playful, and energetic characteristics of your Quintessential Hostess. Always ready to entertain and impress, lush upholstery and bold artwork bring life and beauty to the space. A feminine color palette gives the space a soft yet sophisticated appearance, while brass accents add a sense of warmth.

Model Room Style Two: The City Go-er
This sleek and modern unit speaks to the elegant and sophisticated nature of the City Go-er. Black and white photography line the walls, while fashion books are stacked on tables. Deliberate use of texture, clean lines, and a simple color palette enhance the contemporary space. The predominantly black and white palette grounds the interior space, while occasional splashes of blue and yellow add dimension.

Model Room Style Three: The Eclectic Traveler
Throughout this space are handcrafted elements, indigenous patterns, and unique decorative objects that speak to the cultural lifestyle of the Eclectic Traveler. This unit conveys a sense of the unexpected outdoors through the use of a natural color palette, tribal textiles, and travel photography along with an abundance of unique plants.

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Photos by Lisa Petrole Photography