Multilevel Impacts of Emerging Technologies on City Form and Development, 2020
Arrowstreet partnered with Urbanism Next and the Sustainable Cities Initiative on a National Science Foundation Grant to develop research related to the impacts of new technologies, particularly mobility-oriented technologies like autonomous vehicles, on our cities. The partnership resulted in an extensive 168-page report documenting the findings.




Living With Heat, 2019
Arrowstreet participated in the Living With Heat design charrette focused on developing mitigating solutions to extreme heat in our urban environments. Arrowstreet also assisted ULI in publishing a 61-page report documenting the research and design proposals for extreme heat mitigation.


Living With Water, 2014
Arrowstreet participated in the Building Resilience design charrette focused on planning for urban resilience in the face of rising sea levels and increased storm surge intensity. Arrowstreet also assisted ULI in publishing a 52-page report, Living With Water, documenting the outcomes of the design charrette.