Traditionally, climate change reports and models rely on two-dimensional graphics to communicate the risks and solutions to sea-level rise, storm surge, and increased precipitation. However, they do not always answer key stakeholder questions such as “How does this impact my property and neighborhood?”

With this understanding, Arrowstreet set out to develop immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences that educate people on climate change impacts within their neighborhood. The use of AR/VR makes learning portable and interactive, reaching folks young and old, who may not be able to leave their home or work to attend a public meeting. Interactive elements such as gaming components, help to engage with and learn about the impacts of climate change without having to read a lengthy report.

Using mixed reality as a more controlled environment, we continue to test the following: How can you humanize the experience? How do you layer in interactive, complex information for personalized learning? And how do you translate technical definitions such as the “100-year flood” or “1% chance of flooding” into easily understandable concepts?

Project Details


New England