From left to right: Kathie Chainey, Amy Korte, Sarah Mobraten, Jason King, Katie Ferrier, Elizabeth King and Kristin Dailey

On a cold and sunny Saturday morning a group of ASTers met up at The Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) on Newbury Street.  Arrowstreet is currently assisting WLP with a renovation and modernization of their space so we thought it would be a great time to get some people down to the shelter to volunteer and to see how the space functions.  The group set up a waffle station (complete with toppings), then began cooking and serving waffles to the hungry guests.  The waffles were such a success we ran out of batter and whipped cream!  While awaiting the arrival of the next group of volunteers, we helped out in the kitchen by preparing and assembling ingredients that would all be used for a nutritious (and delicious!) lunch for the women.