A few of us from the office got to visit the construction site of Women’s Lunch Place last week to learn more about the project as it unfolds. Mike Conlan and Scott Pollack had some great stories to share with us about the latest discoveries on the site.

Before construction began – back when Arrowstreet was hosting the Waffle Breakfast – the interiors of WLP were covered over with an industrial-looking CMU (cinder block) wall. We knew that somewhere under there were some beautiful brick arches- we’d done some renderings showing them. But to all involved parties’ delight, as the dust settled, the team discovered a second set of striking arches on the lower side of the archways. This unexpected detail will bring great architectural character to the room.

Another challenge the team faced was running a grease duct of the size that the new kitchen appliances required up and out of the building to a spot on the roof that wouldn’t be visible from the street- mandatory for this historic church building.

It will be great to watch this space evolve.

Topics: Interiors