Sanctuary with Ark and terrace // Rendering by Arrowstreet North entry // Rendering by Arrowstreet Beit Midrash // Rendering by Arrowstreet Beit Midrash and sanctuary with Ark // Rendering by Arrowstreet Sanctuary and Beit Midrash // Rendering by Arrowstreet

Arrowstreet is designing a permanent location for Shir Chadash’s growing reform Judaic congregation. The planned 14,000-square-foot building reflects the congregation’s strongly held beliefs in nature, sustainability, and social-justice, and is designed to meet the changing demands of the congregation. Using the natural topography of the site, each space steps down into the landscape symbolizing the movement from daily life into sacred space and from darkness to light. The Beit Midrash, or library, serves as the central organizing space of the synagogue, as well as a study and expansion area for the sanctuary on highly attended days. The build out is planned in phases, which will allow the building to remain in use during construction.

Shir Chadash has currently started the site plan and approvals process, and is actively fundraising for the project. We expect to start construction this fall.

Topics: Interiors, Institutional