Where do you stay when you need a place to spend the night and you are near a school or university?  Arrowstreet has just completed construction on two such projects and is in the midst of design for another.  The University of Massachusetts in Lowell and Harvard University are giving new thoughts to the potential market for guests who wish to stay on-campus, and they are undertaking designs which transform their offerings.  Another related example is our recent work for Phillips Academy Andover at the Andover Inn.

What are the market ideas?  Expanding the appeal to guests who value the association between an inn or hotel and the school or university is one opportunity.  The expanding but also competitive market for “Executive” or other forms of continuing education, as well as drawing guests for university-related events is also motivating some of these changes.

What are the new design ideas?  Smarter first impressions, more emphasis on event-hosting spaces, and more contemporary European-detailing to appeal to an increasingly globally-sophisticated mind-set are among a few.

Topics: Hospitality, Institutional