Arrowstreet will be showcasing Keen’s Crossing at Winooski Falls at the Livable Communities Exhibit, located  in the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA from October 1-15. Hosted by the AIA New England / Western Massachusetts AIA, the exhibit highlights projects located in New England or designed by New England firms that relate to the AIA’s Ten Principles of Livable Communities. We felt Keen’s Crossing– located in Winooski, Vermont- was a great fit for many reasons- its vibrant public courtyards, mix of uses, and neighborhood identity among them.

The exhibit is open to the public, and all entries are eligible for the People’s Choice Award, which will be presented at the AIANE Keynote Dinner on October 15th.

Our board’s text follows:

Keen’s Crossing is a key part of the revitalization of downtown Winooski, part of the State of Vermont’s priority on the preservation and conservation of landscapes and undeveloped areas by improving the density of its downtown cores. This pedestrian-friendly community is highly accessible to public transportation (4), creating a true green community by way of varied transportation options.

In addition to 213 housing units, the development includes a series of vibrant public courtyards with open spaces and seating areas (2+3) and street-level retail space (1). This mix of uses anchors the development solidly in the fabric of downtown Winooski.

To create a neighborhood identity (1), the buildings are designed to have proportions analogous to the city’s earlier mill buildings: fairly vertical and closely spaced, but with special attention given to streetscape and courtyard to optimize opportunities for community interactions.

The green roof located over the parking garage protects environmental resources by decreasing stormwater runoff and at the same time provides attractive outdoor space (5).

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