Papergraphic illustration for Firmenich SA, a private business specializing in flavors and fragrances Papergraphic illustration for Hermes Cover of Papergraphic illustration for Papergraphic illustration for Google Chrome

In my constant search for new forms of inspiration, I recently came across the artist Yulia Brodskaya who creates innovative papergraphics using thin strips of paper to make intricate, mesmerizing illustrations—a process also known as quilling.

Originally from Russia and now living and working in the UK, Yulia has worked for clients such as Neiman Marcus, Hermes, Target, and even the Boston Globe. Her unique creations have earned her international renown and, as one of her illustrations says, add “Power to the Imagination” of this designer—and  I’m sure many, many others.

Check out more of the amazing designs here.

Topics: Graphics