Recently Arrowstreet hosted a Waffle Breakfast for the Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) at their newly renovated space in the basement of the Church of the Covenant. For some of us it was the first time to see the space since Arrowstreet completed renovations to the facility. Earlier this year we had hosted a similar Waffle Breakfast, and the difference was quite dramatic! The space felt so much more welcoming and the women now have a greater variety of spaces to use, ranging from more intimate seating areas under the exposed brick arches to smaller gathering spaces that open up off of the main dining area. In fact, WLP mentioned that the number of women they are serving has increased since renovations were completed.

The breakfast also gave us the opportunity to test out the new kitchen and dining spaces we had designed. Alas, we still tried to plug too many waffle irons in and tripped the circuit, but at least we knew where the electrical panels were and fixed it!

We were all really touched by the number of women who came up to personally thank us for re-designing their space. The morning flew by way too fast and we are looking forward to returning soon.

Topics: Interiors