Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the site of two of our projects currently in construction: the Waterfront Square at Revere Beach parking garage and KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School. Our first stop was the Revere Beach parking garage. We started this tour walking through the bus access way to the main lobby, and then continued up the main set of stairs stopping at each level. There is a marvelous view of the ocean and coastline from the top level of the parking garage; someone commented on it being an ideal spot to watch the fireworks on July 4th.

Our next stop on the trip was a tour of the KIPP Academy in Lynn. We began the tour in the central gathering/cafeteria space, which connects the middle school and high school wings of the building. We continued to explore the building, stopping in the gymnasium as well as walking through classrooms and labs.

Construction is moving fast and as a new member to the Arrowstreet team it was a great opportunity to see a couple of current projects in the field.

Thanks to Stefan Chaires and Matt Rice for showing us around the sites. I look forward to seeing the completed projects!

Topics: Infrastructure, Institutional