I’ll be speaking at the Southern New England APA (SNEAPA) Planning Conference in Hartford next Friday with co-speakers Kenneth Buckland of The Cecil Group and Laura Wernick of HMFH Architects. The session abstract is below.

E1: I’ll Take a Latte with that Building Permit

To properly support the many and changing roles of government, master planning for municipal facilities requires a clear understanding of both traditional functions and the impact of newer forms of civic interaction. It is necessary to integrate existing infrastructure with the very specific needs of the municipal employees and the citizens they serve and, just as importantly, integrate the services with the neighborhoods and communities around them. Learn about planning and design to promote efficiency, take advantage of new technologies, support all users, and generate multiple benefits by linking facilities and plans to community economic development. Panelists: Kenneth J. Buckland AICP, LEED AP, PP[NJ], The Cecil Group; Laurence S. Spang, AIA, LEED AP, Arrowstreet; Laura A. Wernick, AIA, REFP, LEED AP, HMFH Architects, Inc. CM: 1.25.

Topics: Planning, Events