Just this past fall, a new courtyard opened at 210 Broadway in Cambridge. With ipe decks and seating that seem to flow right up and out of the courtyard, and an illuminated glass wall along the street edge, there is now a bright, comfortable place for building occupants to take a break from work and get fresh air.

When the building was acquired by new owners, BioMed Realty, one of the first things they asked us to help them with was transforming the building entry to become fresh and welcoming. A small team of us developed some ideas right away. Standing back and looking at it now, I see some of our favorite details realized, including the lapping of the courtyard glass through the building and into the lobby, the warmth of the hardwood deck and seating, and the arbor motif around the courtyard, into the lobby, and along the entire Broadway fa├žade.

We’ve enjoyed the support and positive reactions from people in the building, the neighbors, and the city. It’s fun projects like this that get people excited and make designers feel good about what we do. If you can, swing by and check it out.

Topics: Office/Lab