After what felt like a never-ending winter cold spell, Arrowstreet warmly welcomed the month of May this year with its annual Cinco De Mayo celebration and a Tex-Mex chili cook-off. Nine of our ardent chili makers competed in this year’s challenge with a wide array of sweet and spicy flavors, savory aromas, robust ingredients, and unmistakable presentations. Family and friends all had a great time enjoying the different chili flavors complemented by chips, salsa, sour cream, and warmed cornbread. Kudos to all the Arrowstreet chefs who worked tirelessly: picking the perfect pepper, selecting the best beans, or marinating choice meats overnight.

Finally, as in every competition there are winners and then there’s everyone else. This year in the winner’s circle tying for 3rd place was Jon Neal who presented “Jon’s Smoking Black Bean and Bacon Chili,” and myself with “The White Bean,” a distinctly flavored white bean chicken chili. Second place went to a tag team duo of Jim Batchelor and Dan Winny with a zesty roadside treat known as “Highway 89,” and the coveted first place ribbon was awarded to Jessica Bessette for a masterful “Sweet & Spicy Beef and Bean Chili,” satisfying the appetites of kids and adults alike.

A big congratulation to all of this year’s contestants for their delicious chilis and one-of-a-kind crock pots!


Cincinnati – Scott Pollack

Sweet and Spicy Beef and Bean Chili – Jessica Bessette

The White Bean – Jonathan Garland

Highway 89 – Jim Batchelor + Dan Winny

Chili-de-May – Victoria Wright

Urban Planning Chili – Brian Hilliard

Seven-Chili Texas Red – Stephanie Tyll

Jon’s Smoking Black Bean and Bacon Chili – Jon Neal

Cayuga Heat – Sean Selby

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