Arrowstreet’s glamorous red carpet crew recently held our annual bowling outing at Lanes and Games in Cambridge. This year the HollyBowl Tournament shed the spotlight on the entire Arrowstreet community. The event started with a fried feast and Hollywood-sized cake and then segued into an all-out race to the top. Whether a bowling enthusiast or complete newbie, everyone gave it their all and had a fabulous time.The tournament setup split the teams into divisions A and B based on their first round scores. The two divisions then battled it out for the number 1 spot. Team 9 (Jonathan Garland, Stefan Chaires, and William Su) took the spotlight as the champs of Division A-List (despite the usual good-natured protests and jokes). They were properly decorated as superstars during their victory photo shoot. Following them, Team 3 (Kate Bubriski, Stephanie Tyll, Greg Triplett, and Jon Neal) was crowned the Winners of the Losers – that is, winners of Division B – and posed for the camera. HollyBowl was a great way to spend our Friday afternoon and was a reminder that everyone at Arrowstreet is a star.

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