Players maneuver their way through Revere Beach. Claes Andreasen sets up the 8th hole. George Tremblay uses the ground breaking shovel to make his way out of the sand trap. Players must choose between the Will Su gets a better angle by standing on the table. Resa Gray sets up Revere Beach. Justin DiCristofalo takes a shot at the principals on the 8th hole. Jon Neal sports the winning green jacket.

Arrowstreet may have moved to a new studio in Boston, but many of our old traditions from Somerville and Cambridge came with us.

This past Wednesday night saw the return of mini-golf to Arrowstreet, with friends and family joining us to play a round of 9-holes around our new office space while enjoying drinks and Chinese food. Our staff volunteers signed-up solo or as teams to design one of the eight possible “holes” designated on our office map, with the 9th hole being played on a Wii in our Voodoo Lounge. Each team had a $15 construction budget, and as in their day-to-day work, creative, green design was encouraged. Competition was fierce as each team was eager to take the bragging rights that go along with the coveted title of Best Hole.

As we made our way through the Rehydration Station, Revere Beach and the aptly named Sensory Overload (FUN-Hole), cheers, groans and lots of laughter could be heard throughout the office as some made holes-in-one, and others scored well over par. Scott Pollack was armed with his usual putter of choice, a groundbreaking shovel, which came in handy for scooping wayward balls from the water feature and sand trap of Revere Beach.

The 8th hole provided lots of laughs as everyone enjoyed taking aim at the headshot of their favorite principal. Designed by Claes Andreasen and Amy Korte, it involved multiple ramps, obstacles, and chutes, and ended up as the winner of Best Hole. We also had a tight race for our overall winner; finishing on a score of 20, Jon Neal took home the Green Jacket, which tradition required he wear for the next business day.

With many of our project teams often working late on deadlines, it’s always nice to take a pause together as a group and enjoy our workspace and one another in a different way. These unique events are one of the best things about working at Arrowstreet, in part because they allow us to spend time with colleagues we may not work with regularly. The evening was a huge success, and the inaugural Mini-Golf event at 10 Post Office Square will only be the first of many to come.

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