Arrowstreet Mini-Golf

On June 16th Arrowstreet employees and their families designed and played our in-office golf course for the annual Arrowstreet Mini-Golf Tournament. Each year, Arrowstreeter’s sign-up to design one of nine holes around the office using whatever they can find, leading to some very interesting holes. This year we had a Vermont-themed farm with Cabot cheese and maple flavored treats, an anti-Patriots hole, and messy circus-themed obstacle just to name a few.

At the end of the festivities, awards are given for Best Designed Hole and Lowest Score for the round. This year’s design award went to a challenging cardboard half-pipe created by Ingrid Bates, Brian Hilliard, Victoria Wright, and Krista Osipovitch. The “green jacket,” or Lowest Score, went to Clementine Winny who posted an impressive 19 on nine holes. Congratulations to this year’s winners! See you on the links next year!