I took a vacation last year to a site with no easy way in or out: Mount Equinox‘s Skyline Drive holds the record for the longest paved private road at 5.2 miles. While it’s not open year round, the drive is a pretty amazing vantage for views of most of New England and the Adirondacks.

It’s a pretty crazy drive, full of hairpin turns and mirrors to see what’s coming ahead of you. I always find my knuckles are white and my nerves higher than normal after driving down, and I can’t even imagine what that trip must have been like for those working on the construction of the new visitor’s center.

Speaking of the new visitor’s center, the Saint Bruno Scenic Viewing Center opened last year with an almost zero percent carbon footprint. The Center houses exhibits on the original settling of the mountain by the Carthusian monks, its hydropower use, and the sustainable design of the center itself.

As an architect, one of the things I notices about the building was its impressive wood joinery details (see pictures).

For more photos of the center, including some construction photos, check out the contractor’s Facebook page.

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