I’m happy to share these new photos of the courtyard at 210 Broadway in Cambridge. Our client, BioMed Realty, asked us to update the courtyard and lobby of this building, recently acquired as part of their Kendall Square biotech portfolio. With the courtyard, we wanted to create a space that transitioned between “outside” and “inside”, making the building feel more open and adding dimension to the streetscape. After looking at a number of different options with the client, we settled on the concept adding glass panels that feature trees, calling to mind the shady, tree-lined streets of the surrounding Cambridge neighborhood.

We settled on a simple, stylized tree silhouette with gracefully interlocking branches. The trees were printed at a large scale and then directly applied to the inner side of the glass, maintaining the outer reflectivity such that the actual trees on the sidewalk outside would reflect in and mingle with the white silhouettes. It took several rounds of mockups and testing different opacities, but we finally zeroed in on a balance that maximized the visibility of the trees, let plenty of natural daylight into the space, and created a vivid statement when lit from within at night.

This unique courtyard and transition space will be enjoyed by BioMed’s tenants and the surrounding neighborhood for years to come.

Topics: Office/Lab, Interiors