Each year, my family and I form a pie team for Community Servings’ annual Pie in the Sky fundraising event. The event, which has just completed its 21st year, raises money to provide meals and nutrition to the critically ill and homebound in Massachusetts. Community Servings provides meals to more than 800 individuals and families across 18 towns and cities, in support of its founding goals: to help its clients maintain their health and dignity, to preserve the integrity of their families, to provide nutritionally and culturally appropriate meals, and to send the message that someone cares.

Every year around the Thanksgiving table, my family takes turns saying what they are thankful for. In doing so I’m reminded that no matter what has happened during the year, I’m most thankful that my family is there and that they care. Selling pies that help provide meals to people who are too ill to feed themselves and their families is the way that I hope to help others know that someone cares about them, too. Community Servings helps people feel better and gives them one more thing to be thankful for.

This year, with the generosity of Arrowstreet staff and others, my pie team was able to raise $900, which will provide 36 weeks of meals to a Community Servings client. In total, Pie in the Sky sold 17,000 pies and raised $600,000, the most successful year yet – though hopefully the record will be broken again next year.

To learn more about Pie in the Sky visit www.pieinthesky.org.
To learn more about Community Servings visit www.servings.org.

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