On Friday, Arrowstreet will be participating for the second year in international Daylight Hour. This is a global campaign organized by Building Energy Exchange to raise awareness for energy efficiency by highlighting the fossil fuels used for office lighting during peak times even when it is not needed. Turning off electric lighting during a summer afternoon (peak demand time) can contribute to reducing not only lighting load but cooling load as well.

Our office will be turning the lights off and utilizing the ample daylight to light our studio. And since it looks like the weather is going to cooperate with us, I challenge us to turn them off for the whole day not just one hour and use task lights when needed.

Want to join the effort? Join in the fun on Twitter with #DaylightHour and post photos of your participation. There with be awards in different categories including Big Kahuna (most participation square footage), Precocious Poster (most creative social media), and more!

Topics: Sustainability