Arrowstreet participated in Daylight Hour by joining thousands of other organizations in turning off the lights in their office spaces for one hour, from noon-1:00pm. With the beautiful sunny weather in Boston, we went even further and kept the lights off all day, in most areas of the office. Arrowstreet has a highly energy efficient LED lighting system that uses 42% less power than typical offices. But, when there is ample daylight in our open studio, we like to turn off the electric lighting system to save even more energy.

Daylight Hour is organized by Green Light New York as a demonstration to highlight the potential for daylight to offset the use of electric lighting in commercial office spaces. On June 20th, the last workday before the solstice, there is ample daylight in many areas to reduce the need for electric lighting. Green Light New York will be tracking participants in the Daylight Hour, promoting their involvement and efforts, and estimating the energy savings and other impacts of the campaign. I will follow up with the results of the energy savings from this event.

For more information, visit http://nyenergyweek.com/green-light-new-york-launches-the-daylight-hour/

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