L.L. Bean Mall of America Grand Opening / Photos by Sean Selby L.L. Bean Mall of America Grand Opening / Photos by Sean Selby L.L. Bean Mall of America Grand Opening / Photos by Sean Selby

We recently announced that our office in Post Office Square was certified LEED Gold. It was exciting to practice what we’ve preached for so long, and to have our “home” declared a sustainable place is a point of pride. Our thoughts are also on spreading sustainability on a national level, especially with the retail development community.

Back in November, I announced the grand opening of three new L.L. Bean stores designed by Arrowstreet in Burlington, Vermont; Denver, Colorado; and at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Today we are happy to report that each of these stores is now LEED Certified, with the Burlington store achieving a LEED Silver certification.  We are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to create beautiful, sustainable spaces.

Following that theme, Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen and I are in the midst of planning our trip to RetailGreen, ICSC’s annual sustainability conference.  We are starting to plan flights, organize our agendas, and get ready for our few days in Phoenix in December (read about last year here).  This will be the second year of my two-year term as Co-Chair of the conference, and I am very proud of our program this year.  I can’t wait to see Cal Lankton, from Tesla Motors, and Stephen Ritz, from the Green Bronx Machine.

Cal is the Director of EV Infrastructure and will be talking about “Supercharging the Future”. We see a lot of Tesla’s around our studio in Boston, and Matt and I are hoping Cal brings one for us to take for a test drive! Stephen is an unbelievably inspirational green initiative educator and is the founder of Green Bronx Machine, which has evolved from an afterschool program into a fully integrated part of the core curriculum (and community) in the South Bronx. Watch this and I dare you not to get excited!

We hope to see you there.

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