Our new office has achieved LEED ID+C: CI 2009 Gold certification! This signifies Arrowstreet’s commitment to sustainable design as well as a great studio environment for our staff.

When Arrowstreet was considering a relocation of our offices, one of the things that we considered was the sustainable opportunities presented with relocatiing. Moving to downtown Boston allows for roughly 60% more staff to commute by public transportation or bicycle, which means almost all of our staff now commute in this manner. Also many of our clients are close by or can access us more easily through public transportation. We were also thinking about the space we were leaving behind. We wanted to make sure that anything we couldn’t bring to our new location was reused, repurposed, or recycled. We diverted almost 100% of our old office equipment, supplies, and furniture from landfills.

Once we selected our new location, we designed the space to be a comfortable, healthy, and day-lit environment with highly energy efficient systems and green materials.

Topics: Office/Lab, Honors and Awards, Sustainability