Congratulations to Target on another successful store opening, this time in Central Square. Our work with Target to design small format stores and repurpose existing buildings in urban locations has been an exciting series of projects for Arrowstreet. We’re using all of the ingredients that we search for in our projects: new ideas, a possibility to create something for the community, and the sustainable reuse of existing buildings. Target has been rolling out smaller stores than their more typical suburban footprint: 21,000 square feet versus 100,000+ square feet. But shorter shelf space is never a problem in these smaller stores, because within a national network of 1800 stores, as well as their online channel, the customer is never far from all of Target’s product offerings. By going smaller, Target is able to leverage their full retail presence and tailor the in-store merchandise to the needs of the neighborhood. We’re predicting that the new store in Central Square will become a new hub of activity that is going to enliven and refresh the surrounding retail stores and restaurants.  And by repurposing existing buildings, we’re able to save the character and charm inherent in the old building stock, and save it from the landfill. We’ve accomplished this in Packard’s Corner, where we created a Target store from an old car showroom, and here again in Central Square. We’re proud to partner with Target on their new store.

Topics: Target, Retail