Over the weekend, several of Arrowstreeters and myself, volunteered our Saturday morning to help prepare and serve breakfast at the Women’s Lunch Place in the Back Bay. It’s always a rewarding feeling giving back to the community that we live in, but it’s also extra special when we can experience the spaces that Arrowstreet creates in a full functioning capacity. Although the kitchen and dining hall are located in the church basement, Arrowstreet did a great job lighting and laying out the space to be warm and inviting for both volunteers and the guests. The kitchen is open to the dining area where everyone can enjoy intimate conversations as well as enjoy the scenery.

We served well over 100+ women that morning, all ranging in ages, ethnicities and many speaking different languages. The meals we served were all received with a warm smile, and I think that’s one language that is definitely universal. Chef Terry was so great and we all jumped to the tasks she handed out to us. We chopped, we scooped, we mixed and we were all happy doing so even though it was 95 degrees outside. Who knows how hot it was in the kitchen that morning! We also had some minor excitement when the toaster caught on fire! Our very own Jillian Lydon ran to the rescue with her exceptional life skills and extinguished the flames with a box of Morton’s kosher salt.

We all wanted to stay past our scheduled shifts because we were all having so much fun, but the next batch of volunteers swiftly took our spots behind the line. After we finished up our final tasks and cleaned up, we walked out on the street to lots of people walking by in colorful clothes draped in rainbow capes. The Boston Pride Parade was about to start down the road. Such a great way to start off the weekend of LOVE in the city of Boston.

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