Arrowstreet’s Kat Schneider and Ananya Vij will be presenting at the The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) on September 18, 2018. Hosted by their Sustainability Education Committee, this presentation will explore the capabilities of Augmented and Virtual Reality to be utilized in this work. Kat and Ananya will show demonstrations and also allow attendees to experience the platforms themselves.

Many municipalities and regions are undertaking assessments to develop scenarios of how climate change will impact their communities. An important part of this work is how to convey these scenarios. Demonstrating and educating designers, planners, clients, and the public about climate change can be difficult. This is especially true with static 2D media such as heat maps and flood potential diagrams. The interactive visualization tools, VR/AR/MR allow viewers to engage and understand predicted changes of future. The immersive technologies offer a more realistic and emotional experience connecting the viewer to the impacts of climate change. We have seen some key stakeholders and decision makers less willing to embrace radical weather change but hope that the use of platforms likes HTC vive, ARKit, Samsung Gear will engage these people in architectural design like never before

Co-hosted by BSA-COTE. Free lunch offered to attendees, but RSVPs required: https://www.architects.org/programs-and-events/sustainability-education-committee-61


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