Artists have been using the medium of murals as a vehicle for self-expression since prehistoric humans painted on the walls of a cave 30,000 years ago. Today, contemporary muralists continue to evolve the art form by changing the face of exterior and interior environments and the way people interact with those spaces. As more and more local and visiting artists leave their mark on our city, and designers and architects increasingly specify murals to enhance their designs, we wanted to learn how the concepts are developed, permitted, approved, and implemented. Come learn the answers to these and other questions at Murals: Under the Surface.

The evening will feature presentation by:

  • Lucas Cowan, Public Art Curator for the Rose Kennedy Greenway
  • Mickey Northcutt, Co-Founder of the Punto Urban Art Museum, North Shore CDC’s public art program
  • Silvia Lopez Chavez, mural artist
  • Nathan Swain, mural artist

Together we will discuss the important role murals play in bringing art to the public, bringing communities together, and the logistical and artistic challenges faced when designing and installing art in such a large and public format.

RSVP early as space is limited!

Topics: art, Graphic Design, Murals, Graphics, Events