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In addition to the traditional graphic design services we provide clients, we have also created a number of custom art installations over the years. From furniture to murals to wallcovering to decorative panels, we embrace the opportunity to develop one-of-a-kind pieces that bring the spaces we design to life. The process for each of these projects is always different; sometimes a client simply expresses their desire for a design solution, while other installations are specifically requested. Either way, we always enjoy creating custom illustrations and memorable art for our clients. Some examples of our work include:

255 State Street Mural: Arrowstreet was commissioned by Pembroke Real Estate to create a graphic solution for storefront windows along Atlantic Avenue. The client had originally requested a map of Boston, but Arrowstreet proposed a lit, sea glass mural of swimming codfish. Our designers designed the original illustration, then created the mural by hand, using over 900 pounds of tumbled glass in 12 shades. The assembly took nearly 100 hours to complete, but it was worth it; the mural has become a Downtown Boston icon.

Boston Public Library Teen Central: The library wanted to create a window display in Teen Central for additional visual interest. Using card catalog drawers found in the basement of the library, Arrowstreet designed and built a striking sculpture that repurposes them in an unexpected way.

Boston Public Library Children’s Library: Arrowstreet designed custom wall graphics that were sent to a fabricator and made into 3-D installations. The result is a series of child-sized townhouses that are also functional: steps create seating for StoryScape, the story time area.

World Trade Center: To embellish the arches at the Boston World Trade Center, Arrowstreet sourced historical maps from the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center to illustrate the transformation of the Seaport over time. In a nod to the area’s shipping heritage, we created a hand-drawn, blueprint style elevation of a historical ship for use on the street-level loading docks.

450 Kendall Wall Covering: The original design to enhance the public spaces of this biotech building was a wall graphic in blues, grays, and white. With the commissioning of the “Nerve Center” sculpture for the south plaza, the design morphed into map-like, graphic wallpaper illustrating the science-based relationships in Kendall Square.

NSTAR Panels: Our graphics team designed a series of permanent graphic panels to add visual interest to an an NSTAR electrical substation in Kendall Square. In seven “chapters” the panels incorporate images and phrases that engage the viewer and demonstrate the nature of energy.

Topics: environmental graphics, Graphics