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Arrowstreet competed with over two dozen teams at the 21st Annual IIDA NE Fashion Show and took home the Newberang award!

The Newberang award, one of the top three prizes of the show, is awarded to the highest-scoring firm that is participating in the show for the first time (the “newbies”) or firms that have not participated in at least five years (the “boomerangs”). With a group of designers from the interior design, architecture, graphics, and marketing studios Arrowstreet hand-crafted two high fashion looks modeled by members of our team.

This year’s Fashion Show theme was Portals; meaning each team was tasked to bring a mythical world from books, movies, or TV to life on the runway. Arrowstreet was tasked with drawing inspiration from Endor, the home planet of the Ewoks in the Star Wars series. The team took queues from the battles between good and evil and the co-existence of nature and technology that take place on the forest moon. With industry partners of Bentley Mills and Division 9 Collaborative, both looks were entirely crafted from carpet backing, carpet yarn, and mosaic tiles. With this limited palette, the Arrowstreet team was able to create two distinct looks that evoke modern-day struggles of man against machine and nature against industrial greed.

Over the past six months, our talented team members donated countless hours, working closely to conceptualize, prototype, and execute these two looks and bring cinema-inspired couture to life.

With the Endor team all in attendance, the models rocked the runway on the night of the Fashion Show to curated music evoking the battles of Endor. The creativity and craftsmanship on display from our all of our industry colleagues was incredibly inspiring, and we were left feeling fortunate to be a part of the dynamic Boston design community. The energy of the team fueled the night and the team couldn’t be prouder of their big win!

Many thanks to IIDA New England for putting on such an amazing event, to Bentley Mills and Division 9 Collaborative for their support and to all the participants for making the evening one to remember!

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