A double congratulations to our Environmental Graphics team is in order! The Conservatory Lab Charter School received the First Award and Alma del Mar Frederick Douglass Campus received the Second Award for the 14th edition of Rethinking The Future Awards. The awards recognize excellence and innovation in architecture and design in the areas of architecture, landscaping, urban design, product design, and interior design.

The Conservatory Lab Charter School (CLCS) is a thriving hub of music and academic excellence located in the vibrant neighborhood of Dorchester in Boston. At the heart of the environmental graphics is the main theme, “The Shape of Music,” which showcases the beauty of musical instruments and the ways in which music can be visually represented.

The Alma del Mar Frederick Douglass Campus is a new, K-8 Expeditionary Learning charter school located in New Bedford, MA that nurtures the growth of its students both academically and personally. Its mission is to inspire young minds to become service-minded leaders. The school administration wanted environmental graphics to play a key role in shaping the architecture and interior design of the school with the goal of making all students feel welcomed and valued.