Arrowstreet brings passion and purpose to every commission. For each project, Arrowstreet forms a team that brings together expertise based upon the type of project uses and the needed range of skills in planning, programming, building technology, environmental graphic design, and construction.  From project team design charettes to full staff CoLlab sessions, we harness the experience and creativity of the entire firm to bring the best and most innovative ideas to the forefront.  We focus on creative problem solving, thinking critically about the ways in which our society is changing, and how it will impact the built environment. We research and identify future needs based on the evolution of technology, shifts in human mobility, climate change and resiliency to name a few. We look to past (and possible future) topics from sustainability, rising sea levels, and climate change to typological implications of driverless cars, and energy harvesting facades. We also use VR/ AR  in our design practice as well as for client and community engagement.