Arrowstreet is designing a new transit-oriented, multi-family residential development in East Boston. The project site, currently an overflow lot for rental cars, presents an opportunity to improve current and future urban connections within the neighborhood while providing approximately 270 new housing units and 179 parking spaces. The Project also meets Boston’s Inclusionary Development Policy, creating over 30 income-restricted affordable residential units. Composed of two separate residential buildings, the layout and shapes of the buildings are designed to make the most efficient use of the basin-shaped project site, provide new green space, and minimize the impact on neighbors in each direction.

The project is situated within East Boston in a residential merchant neighborhood and the lifestyle brand embraces the local industry and craft of East Boston to create a unique twist on industrial design. The contemporary raw interior architecture showcasing local mural artists blends with sweeping views to the outside, connecting the interior to exterior in a contemporary, meaningful way. The amenity design includes a maker space, climbing wall, and flexible community space. As a continuation of the urban environment, the Addison Street resident enjoys an urban-industrial atmosphere. Large-scale murals from local artists, dramatic lighting, and raw materials accentuate the neighborhood’s industrial roots.

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