Arrowstreet has been working with client Boston Properties, the MBTA, and an innovative consultant team on a multi-phase renovation of Back Bay Station. The renovation will revitalize Back Bay as a major civic train station with a new generation of active retail uses.

The main phase will include a complete renovation of the concourse level of the station. The architectural features that have made the station a Boston landmark, like the beautiful wood arches, will be restored.  New retail spaces will activate the main hall while defining its perimeter.  Pedestrian modeling was conducted to ensure the space was efficiently laid out during high traffic periods.  By re-configuring the floor plan and relocating the fare collection area, we will open up the space, creating better flow of pedestrian traffic and better accommodating passengers waiting for trains.

Improvements will involve replacing the major window and curtain wall elements, and implementing active and passive strategies to better heat and cool the station. The outdated glass blocks used in the exterior walls will be replaced with clear glass for a lighter, brighter user experience.  Aided by studies of computational fluid dynamics, daylighting, and projections of comfort satisfaction, the team is able to project the effectiveness of different measures to address comfort year round.  We are utilizing sunshades, fans, and radiant heat to keep visitors comfortable across the seasons.

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Boston, MA


Boston Properties





“I’ve never seen a project that has the potential to have this kind of impact and transformative nature on this neighborhood.”

– Michael Cantalupa, Senior Vice President of Development, Boston Properties

Architectural Plans / Process