A tool for assessing Marine Corps Community Service facilities and driving targeted portfolio investment world-wide.

Across the world, the Marine Corps Community Services organization operates more than 3,000 facilities responsible for providing food, recreation, and support services to Marine Corps servicemembers and their families. These facilities are operated and maintained using a combination of appropriated funds from Congress and non-appropriated funds from user fee-generated revenue. Many of these facilities are from just after WWII and all require a varying degree of modernization and maintenance to meet the needs of servicemembers and their families. Yet, with thousands of dispersed facilities between the Marine Corps’ portfolio of global bases, deciding where to invest money in maintenance, modernization, or new construction can be challenging which presents a road-block when it comes time to make important decisions.

To help MCCS address this challenge, Arrowstreet was hired to organize the MCCS facility portfolio data and develop metrics to identify and target needed and high-priority investment. Arrowstreet translated this data into dynamic and interactive visualizations displayed in a digital dashboard. This dashboard allows MCCS decision makers to explore the data from an enterprise perspective or drill down into the data based on region, base, facility, or program type and helps leadership make actionable decisions about how to manage the MCCS portfolio.

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