Located directly across from Revere Beach, Ryder emulates beach-front and boardwalk living. With a youthful vibe seen most clearly in the vibrant façade design as well as the incorporation of fun signage, Ryder serves as a clear beacon for the re-branding of Revere Beach as the city’s Arts District.

The construction of this mixed-use development is a two level podium and parking with five levels of residential perched above. On a site with limited open space, the pedestrian experience throughout this development was strategically designed through programming, decks, and setbacks which activate the street. At the streetfront facing the beach, the parking is lined with small spaces designed to either support seasonal pop-ups or become part of the restaurant space– giving the client flexibility in leasing while screening the cars behind. A large amenity deck marks the front entrance of the building and creates an elevated space for the residents, clearly visible from the beach. Angular balconies along the front façade become front porches for the residents while also activating the boardwalk below.

Another notable feature of this building is the gradient façade. Comprised of 5 different colors of fiber cement siding, arranged to create an ombré effect across the length of the building, it is an example of how Arrowstreet uses economical materials in innovative ways to maximize visual impact.

Along the back of the building at the ground level which was susceptible to flooding, 8” and 16” CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) blocks were used to create a textural and visual pattern that screens the parking behind. By rotating the open 8” block, the natural ventilation of the garage is increased to minimize mechanical ventilation and water can flow through during a flood, increasing the resiliency of the project.

Project Details


Revere, MA




195,000 SF

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Photos by Robert Benson Photography, Sarah Farkas Photography

Architectural Plans / Process