Arrowstreet'ers gather over pizza to discuss the bridge Pedestrian bridge and attached plaza // Rendering by Arrowstreet

Each month, Arrowstreet holds an in-house Design Forum where we get together as a firm and discuss relevant design-related topics. The forums provide a great outlet for critiquing current and completed Arrowstreet projects as well as discussing other topics important to the design community.

On October 27th, we ordered pizza and gathered around our main conference room table as David Bois and Amy Korte presented work the Revere project team had completed on the design of the Revere Bridge.  We also discussed issues pertaining to modular, pre-fab design as it relates to a future residential project. Amy and David created a presentation that focused on pre-fab precedents; design techniques for creating rich, intriguing facades; and analysis research comparing pre-fab systems and their inherent costs, limitations, construction techniques, and applicability to the project site.

With other members of the staff also contributing images to the presentation, and everyone getting involved in the design discussion, this particular forum proved to be a very interactive and educational experience. Thanks to Amy and David for presenting, and thanks to Arrowstreet for the pizza!

Topics: Infrastructure, Urban Design, Mixed Use, Events