I will be a panelist at the Architecture Boston Expo this year for the “Designing for Food” workshop on November 16th at 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM. We look forward to a lively discussion about the challenges and opportunities of planning, designing, and operations for urban agriculture. The workshop abstract is below:

Cities across the globe are recognizing local food production as an important 21st century design and planning issue. Motivated by factors including lifestyle interests and environmental concerns, food production is increasingly driving urban and suburban land use planning. Whether an urban farm, a rooftop apiary or a backyard chicken coop, each suggests the need for design and planning considerations in order to survive and thrive. With growing interest and commitment to local food systems, it is critical for designers to understand how these issues inform building and site design, planning, and decision-making. Using Boston as a case study, this workshop will explore how an urban community is embracing this challenge from the top down.

To register for the conference, visit http://abexpo.com/register/.

Topics: Urban Design, Planning, Events