It’s not easy coming up with a different theme to Arrowstreet’s annual Bowling Tournament each year, but somehow we continue to do it. This year we took a gamble with the Casino Bowl and decked out Lanes & Games with pillars of casino chips and an inflatable slot machine to set the scene. “Pit manager” Kathie greeted everyone arriving with lucky dice necklaces and casino chips while I as the “pit boss” invited everyone to try their luck playing a game of spin & win.

After a long battle of bowling, one team was declared the winners of the losers, or the “pinheads”: Stefan Chaires, Amy Korte, and David Bois, who were showered with festive dollar bills.

Two teams were left and all their cards were on the table; only one could be crowned High Rollers of the Casino Bowl. Finally, David Burn, Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen, and Brad Edgerly came in on top. We crowned them with dealers’ caps and vests – a great ending to another great Arrowstreet bowling outing!

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