Recently, Arrowstreet attended the Grand Opening of our completed project at 450 Kendall Street. The event was hosted by owner, BioMed Realty Trust, and tenant, MPM Capital. Many thanks are due to our gracious hosts and the guests who showed up to celebrate this great accomplishment.  The weather allowed partygoers the opportunity to take in astonishing views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines from the 5th floor roof terrace, and the food and drink provided a fresh (and long awaited) taste of spring with a signature cucumber cocktail, local pressed juice, and a variety of seafood small bites.

While continuing to expand on the vitality of the Kendall Square area, 450 Kendall is set apart by its distinct design that still integrates within the context and atmosphere of the community. The building is a 68,000-square-foot, 5-story office/lab building with retail space on the ground floor.  A unique, key feature of the project is the exterior canopy structure which incorporates exterior lights that are tied to an art piece called the “Kendall Innovation Clock” by Sosolimited—a one of a kind installation best experienced in the evening. More information on the clock to come in a future blog post.

Topics: Office/Lab, Events