Last month week we kicked off an office-wide Conversation Series on “Project Delivery & Design Process” with the first of five project case studies featuring Conservatory Lab Charter School. As part of Arrowstreet’s constant efforts to improve, this initiative focuses on our current methods for project delivery and the design process we utilize to get there. This first conversation was primarily framed around the following topics which led to a very engaging dialog about what we’re doing well and where we can improve:

  1. Team structure (roles and responsibilities)
  2. Design objectives and client expectations
  3. Response to challenges and how we manage them
  4. Opportunities realized and how we fulfill them
  5. Key components and methods for creating value, trust, opportunities, and efficiency within the project team

The experimental nature of this effort to use current projects as case studies will undoubtedly give us real-time insight into the inner workings of various design teams throughout the office—and will allow us to better understand our collective strengths and how to harness unique abilities. We are hopeful that this process will improve communication, foster more meaningful collaboration, and promote the sharing of ideas and best practices.

Since this exercise relies entirely on the participants involved, we were thrilled to see so many from our studio participating in the kick-off discussion—stay tuned for the second conversation in the series happening later this month!


Topics: Studio, Design, Events