As a part of an ongoing series, the following is an interview to dig a little bit deeper and learn what makes our team tick, what fascinates us about the design industry, and what is most important to us right now.

Jason is a Senior Associate at Arrowstreet; when he’s not busy with current projects, he can be found running the biweekly AST Update and making sure the entire staff is aware of what work is going on in other parts of the office.

K: How long have you been at AST?
J: I’m approaching 8 years this fall.

K: What projects are you currently working on?
J: Right now, most of my time is devoted to the Congress Square and DCR Bathhouse projects.

K: What, in your opinion, is the most interesting facet of the design industry today?
J: I’m most interested in the opportunities—and in some cases, the necessity—of exploring adaptive reuse as an economical and sustainable design solution for future projects. We see this issue time and again in places like Boston, where space and restrictions are tight, but increasingly throughout the country as well.

K: Is there a cause or professional organization that’s important to you?
J: I work with the Urban Land Institute’s UrbanPlan, which educates high school students on the land development process. It has been an extremely rewarding experience for me as an individual, and it exposes tomorrow’s voters to realistic challenges revolving around development, economics, the city approvals process, and more.

K: What is the most important thing to you for furthering your career?
J: I think it’s so important to continue the process of lifelong learning. I identify areas of the profession I want to learn more about, and seek out individuals whom I can learn from. Maintaining a professional curiosity is essential in the design community.

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